The CROSSCHANNEL Translation pseudo website

Welcome to this quick & dirty page that'll try to keep track of the progress of the translation.

Trial Version Beta translation
Go there to download the trial version (last link on the page)
Update: I'm taking off the text translation for now, given a patch is being worked on.
Also : the demo follows the full version faithfully.

Update - 20th of September, 2006

Wow, it's been more than a year already. Guess I should update that page a bit more often.

Anyway, the translation is as of now roughly 80% complete, barring total approximation errors.

I'm currently taking a break, but I was thinking of releasing some sort of translation for the demo.

But since I don't have time to do the editting, it's kind of on a hiatus for now.



Update (09/07/2005)
Someone provided me with an editing tool to insert the english translation into the game. Thanks Ed ^^

The official website
The infernal flash game spawned by Cross Channel
Cross Channel page from Erogamescape, with reviews, ratings and what not [only in japanese]

Should you have a question or want to help, send me a mail.